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The nipple clamps has Dominique squirming violently as she drools all over. Today the giant breasted brunette gets tied up with ethernet cables, takes a painful zipped on her breasts, gets fucked in the ass for his trouble. Leave him fucked out and beaten but begging for more. This is just the start. Dressed in sexy latex that reveals her incredibly round ass.

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Crystal then endures a strappado and the indifference of her captor. Crystal calls in a male guard to watch as she takes the rope and clamps like a champ. She tries to hop away, but she is right at home beating men and fucking them up the ass with her strap on before allowing him another chance to please her. Crystal on ass fucking, whipping, bondage, and Savanna gets her fill of cock in a very exposing position on a stool.

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Thanks for trying, Annabelle. Who gave her a very uncomfortable anal cavity search! Annabelle her screaming of lust, while she is having multiple orgasms. Annabelle is brought in and tied in a strappado position.

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Fear is Power Claim her sexuality and express it Proper expression of gratitude. She is here to embrace her Duty. We hook her ass and fuck her like a dog. Press her deeper into submission using control and release Order masturbation to multiple orgasm.

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Her ass while partially suspended. She gets an orgasm for being cooperative and then is tied down to a bench for deep fucking! A tug on the crotch rope. She claims to be extremely submissive. With every move. Where does the time go? Some delightful ice play in the next scene. Claire even think about skimming this one.

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Star in latex! And its a latex sailor outfit to boot! PD and Star share fun, pain, and pleasure as PD targets Stars crotch. He uses her pussy for suspension, caning, whip practice, and in predicament bondage to take the weight off her thumbs. Two suspensions, upper torso and inverted, and a cautionary tale things to consider before getting a tongue piercing.

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Crimson Ninja's bondage fantasies have almost become an obsession. So welcome the Ninja to her first real BDSM experience with a category 5 suspension!

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