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PD has Niki Nymph dressed up and looking pretty, but it is never going to last. He has far too much of a carnal interest in her to let her maintain her pretty fa?ade. Just fucking a slut like Niki does not even keep PD satisfied either. He needs to have her twisted into knots and crying for mercy if he is going to fuck her holes.

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After being gagged, she is put on her knees and gave him a deep-throat blowjob through the prison bars. She starts to sweat, wondering how long she will be back. This lovely doll gets the shock of her life when her step-father decides to teach her a lesson. The cute guard! Alina veteran Callie who puts this newbie through the paces and thoroughly fucks her while she is bound and shocked with the cattleprod as she scrubs the floor with her arms and elbows bound together behind her back so she can't go anywhere[...]

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The punishment ensued, Tiara begged and pleaded for it to end and will do anything for the tickling to stop. She decided to take the strip search one step further. Her pussy is so tight. You have no choice but to submit to Tiara's every whim as she relentlessly tortures her.

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Venus closes up her bar for the evening and treats herself to some well deserved R&R. She rides the Rocker for the first time and gives it her seal of approval. Venus clearly has a fetish for big anal dildos. The double penetration at the end is a classic.

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Other things can make her scream. But only the RTB crew comes up with ideas that bring her to tears with nothing but the anticipation. Rain's terrified of it, but she's helpless to resist.

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Dee's not so gentle wake-up call and it's time for Beverly to get to work. Since the food was too dry for her taste Dee does her the favor of moistening it, and Beverly, with her piss. Not about to let good food go to waste, Dee canes the complaining cunt's feet until she eats her breakfast.

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PD has decided to keep Beverly Hills where the animals belong, out in the barn. She is no better than any other bitch. That means pissing on the floor and taking her food and drink from a bucket. The job is to take every inch of it and it will stretch her pussy to the limit. When it is in to the hilt she is not even done. And this was just the first test.

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See to it that she is in pain, she is so accustomed to having, and her master decides she is allowed to cum. Maya cop is taken captive. I realized that I could use the bar that was forcing her to the clothes rack. She not only takes them without complaint but I think she gets off even better when things get rough. Maya finds herself bound at the ankles and knees.